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Can not see my son for three months

I am a member of Nar Anon as my son is my addicted loved one. I started attending Nar Anon meetings 18 months ago. This was because my son's addictions brought me to my knees; financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

I found the strength in Nar Anon, through the connection with others in similar situations and through the 12 steps, to set boundaries with my addicted loved one and stick to them! 

My finances have now become much more stable, I am not at emotional rock bottom any longer (although I still have some tough days due to the trauma of the last 5 years!) I have been able to deal with my loved one being imprisoned. 

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on me as I can no longer see my addicted loved one for at least the next 3 months. I am finding this tough. Also, I am isolated solo so it can be a lonely place. However, I still have my Nar Anon meetings and these have been increased to 3 online meetings a week. 

I am grateful that my son is currently in a safe place. I feel a lot of empathy with those of us who are experiencing someone else's addiction through what are already difficult times. I am sure some people are living in unmanageability and potentially in close quarters with their loved addicted one(s). 

If you aren't sure about Nar Anon my suggestion would be to give the meetings a go for 3 months and see if they make a difference for you. The 12 steps of Nar Anon have given me peace of mind regardless of the situation.

Thanks for reading,

If you ask people why they give, the readiest answers offer clues to the mystery. God wants me to. I feel better about myself. Others need, and I have. I want to share. It's only right
.Deepak Chopra

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