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Sharing our experience, strength and hope

One of the most comforting experiences of attending a meeting, is sharing our experience, strength and hope. We are not alone.

Sharing helps you realize you are not alone. “Many come into these rooms with the disquieting thought that they are unique in their wretchedness, that they alone have certain frightening or unacceptable problems, thoughts, impulses and fears.” It reduces isolation and alienation. It increases the sense that ‘we are all in this together’ and normalises suffering.

Sharing our experience, strength and hope, navigates loneliness and overcomes isolation, offering hope, inspiration and encouragement.

Sharing helps us to find our ‘voice’. Becoming aware of our own feelings, and needs and expressing them. When listening, and after, you can reflect on how you were feeling, when interacting with other people.

Sharing provides a safe place, to become authentic, and speaking up for yourself. Practicing these skills in the group, one’s confidence grows, and as they do, the confidence to practice these skills outside of the group.

Sharing means you can report back to a group of people who care about you, and will listen to your experience, can help you to feel braver. Knowing someone will catch you, if you fall, emboldens you to leap. The group becomes a safety net.

There is something special and magical about the Group sharing. When people first come into these rooms, we are often overwhelmed. We want the Group readings to be over, so we can share. Gradually we realise, that the formality of the meeting, means we can relax.

Nothing scary will happen here.
“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ― Mother Teresa
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