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What can I change?

Changing what I can:

· Placing trust in others and a higher power, and in ourselves ie fear to faith.

· Detaching with love, not rejecting, but releasing others.

· Taking responsibility for myself, not others, the energy of personal revolution

· Letting go of unrealistic expectations, not try to make them fit our personal image

· Stop hurting in response to other’s behaviour, it is not personal, self-justification to self-understanding

· Surrounding myself with people who understand and have strength, hope and experience

· Setting boundaries (not walls)

· Trying to control others tends to bring insanity into our lives, change driving to guidance

· Respecting others, even when their choices are not, in our opinion, wise.

The reward of change is trust. Trust in ourselves, that we are making decisions, taking actions and practising new behaviours that we come to accept, are helping us to grow and to allow a higher power to assist us. A big lesson I’ve learned is to look at the good things in my life. Even if I think there aren’t many, there are always at least one or two things I can be grateful for on any given day. Some days I try to write those things down; other times I just keep them in my head. It’s easy to see what’s going wrong and sometimes I have to dig deeper to see what’s going right. Just being able to get up in the morning is something to be grateful for. I am committed to surrounding myself with positive people, surrendering my situation to God, having gratitude, and talking to myself only in positive and uplifting ways.

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