Regional Service


Why would you give service to the Region, i.e. the UK?  Service improves confidence, self-esteem, and mental health.  On a practical level, you can enhance your skills in an existing area, e.g. IT, Events, Marketing, Finance, PR, Admin, or gain experience of a new business area.

Grow skills in leadership, relationship -building, delegation, communication, listening, reading, and empathising with people, optimism, willingness to take a risk, coaching others effectively, thinking of new ways of growing an organisation.  All these skills are so valuable, personally and in the workplace and in life. 

Urgent: Regional Service Positions 

Regional Service Committee

Treasurer - Should have 2 years continous attendance in Nar Anon, position has a tenure of two years


Ad Hoc Committees - 1 year tenure


Literature Committee - Chair and helpers


Health and Education PI - Chair and helpers



Chair and helpers for the 2021 Annual UK Convention, to be held in the North of England.

Find out more about Group Positions and Regional Service

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